Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do you love JB? Or hate JB?

I don't care if I already said this, because that was on the comment page. I am Site Owner. I do not use the comment page. That's like royalty using the town pool. Anyway.

Do. You. Like. Justin Bieber. Personally, I like him. He has a good voice, catchy lyrics and catchy tunes, he can dance, and he writes his own music. People that don't like him can't name a reason why they don't like him. So name a reason why you like/dislike The Beebs. And please, don't be trolling on this website. If you have to troll, do it as an art form. Please. Thank you.


  1. It depends on my mood, I guess. Right now I'm a mild fan. :)

  2. I kinda like him...not really, But I have to be honest he doesn't right his own song's. he only wrote part of his song "baby" which to me is the reason why its one of the worst ones.... but after all it is my opinion and you asked for it.

  3. I guess I kind of like him, because he's creative (you have to hand him that), he can sing better than some of the other pop stars these days, and I gues I feel sorry for him. Everyone's always talking about how he's a dork and how he deserves to die....and that must be hard on him, so I kind of admire him for standing in the face of that, y'know?

  4. Well....I'm not going to say much,'cause if I did, it would probably end up being a page long.

    For the sake of all you likers, I'll just say I DISLIKE JB.

    But to be honest, I hate his music. He'd have a decent voice - if he were a girl. Otherwise, it just sounds silly. And all his songs basically have no meaning; they're just about girls and relationships, like all the songs out there nowadays. They're all the same, and it makes him sound kinda desperate, definitely not creative or inspirational.

    And how do you know he does all the charity work or whatever all those people say he does? Because you read it on wikipedia? Anyone can edit that. It could all be a lie. Who really knows what kind of person he is? We've never met him.

    And sure, it must be hard on him, all that hate, but he must have known that when he first started singing. He has to know that he sounds like a girl...and people ARE going to make fun of him for that. It was his own choice, meaning it's his own fault.

    Alright. *end of rant* :)

  5. THANK YOU SAGE! I totally agree with you on everything. I just didn't want to sound harsh...

  6. You can't say he doesn't have talent. Earning a million dollars before leaving high school sounds like plenty of talent to me.
    That's what I tell my friends.\
    He does have determination, but I seriously dislike his singing.

  7. and I don't think its a "million dollars"

  8. ummm i kinda like jb and his singing is ok. i mean i like him as a person.... and he is a waaaaay better singer than i am... but thats just because i am at bad singer....uhhh this is sorta awkward now i am just goin 2 stop typing...

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