Friday, March 4, 2011

Hai. Haven't been here in a while.

Ok. Sorry that I couldn't get to you, I'm really busy lately. But I has a new question.
What's the best instrument? Personally, the *cough* cello *cough* is the best, but I might be biased. You never know. And post a reason WHY you like this instrument. Thank you, and goodbye.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do you love JB? Or hate JB?

I don't care if I already said this, because that was on the comment page. I am Site Owner. I do not use the comment page. That's like royalty using the town pool. Anyway.

Do. You. Like. Justin Bieber. Personally, I like him. He has a good voice, catchy lyrics and catchy tunes, he can dance, and he writes his own music. People that don't like him can't name a reason why they don't like him. So name a reason why you like/dislike The Beebs. And please, don't be trolling on this website. If you have to troll, do it as an art form. Please. Thank you.


This is Corner here, where I tell you my deepest inner thoughts and dreams... and you Jabberjays fly down to Seattle and grab my Bobblehead of Obama. I know. It's awesome.  Just don't steal it. Anyway. Yeah.

Oh yeah. This isn't just about THG. Some of it will be. But not all of it.

This is where I just tell you about what I think of stuff. It really can be anything, from Ke$ha's new single to Elmo to Irak. Then YOU tell MOI what you think, and then I'll argue with you and then other people will chime in... And yes, Renen, some of this is going to be about politics. You can skip those parts. Anyway... the first topic of discussion will be... why do Canadians say, "Eh?" And what do you think, "Eh" means? Please post...